Hydrothermal-type Deposit Projects:

●   Soil-sampling, trenching, 30 hole RC and 11 hole Diamond drilling programme in Burkina Faso
●   25 hole Diamond Drilling programme and ore resource evaluation in SW Kenya
●   Management of underground exploration programme in SW Kenya
●   Evaluation of several other gold  deposits in Western Kenya
●   Evaluation of gold exploration projects in Zambia
●   Evaluation of gold deposits in Zimbabwe and Botswana
●   CPR’s for hydrothermal gold deposit in Zimbabwe
●   Feasibility study in Liberia
●   Evaluation of potential of porphyry gold deposit in South America
●   Evaluation of a gold deposit in Sudan
●   Assessment of several gold licenses in Mozambique

●   Evaluation sampling of underground platinum mines for a major mining house
●   Exploration programmes on Bushveld targets

●   Management and execution of exploration programmes
●   Resource evaluation
●   Provided support services for projects in Africa, South America and Russia
●   Due diligence on coking and bituminous coal deposits in Siberia
●   Desktop studies for CBM (Coal Based Methane) in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique

●   Bushveld Tin

●   Exploration of unconformity and calcrete deposit types in the Western Cape

Base Metals
●   Base metal exploration in Yemen

Industrial Minerals
●   Evaluation drilling of industrial grade limestone in Mozambique
●   Technical study of a brick clay deposit in Tshwane, South Africa

●   Due diligence of a hard rock zircon project in Madagascar

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